Linkvil by Fanvil CA400 All-in-One Screen Share Video Conference Solutions

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LINKVIL by Fanvil CA400 All-in-One Screen Share Video Conference Solutions

LINKVIL by Fanvil CA400 Video Conferencing Kit

The LINKVIL by Fanvil CA400 Video Conferencing Kit is an all-in-one screen share video conference solution designed for small-medium meeting rooms. Included are the MS10 speakerphone, receiver RC10 and USB camera CM70.

LINKVIL by Fanvil CA400 Video Conferencing Kit key features:

  • 8-array microphone
  • 3W vocal enhanced speaker
  • Wireless 4K UHD screencasting
  • BYOD device
  • Auto-framing
  • Universal stand
  • Magnetic attraction
  • Operating system: Windows 10/11; Mac 10.8 and later
  • Hassle-free meeting preparation to enable speaker and microphone, screen-sharing plus wireless camera by simply connecting with one USB-C.
  • Plug and play - no software installation needed

CA400 Features Wireless 4K UHD screencasting for real-time presentations Get rid of tedious steps, with a simple press, users can seamlessly enjoy a 4K TV display, making the entire experience effortlessly smooth and productive. All-in-one design: combine audio, video and screencasting together The all-in-one design is innovative and convenient, promoting efficient meetings. with comprehensive BYOD support, it is easy to connect the speaker MS10 to a laptop using a Type C cable. Clutter-Free collaborative spaces and access camera wirelessly Access a 1080P Full HD video streaming by laptop wirelessly, making the office simple and orderly, one-stop setup and installed in three steps, say goodbye to messy cables. 8-array microphone & 3W enhanced speaker to present superior audio quality Driven by advanced technologies (AEC, ANS, AGC, and vocal enhanced) ,CA400 automatically balance voices, suppress noise, and eliminate echoes, ensuring stable and natural sound. Camera with auto-framing, delivering detailed images Wide-angle coverage of 118.5 ° and a 5x digital zoom for camera, auto-framing technology intelligently identifies the number of people in a meeting, no attendees are missed.

⚫ 8 array mics

⚫ 3W vocal enhanced speaker

⚫ Wireless 4K UHD screencasting

⚫ UVC camera

⚫ BYOD device

⚫ 1/2.8-inch 4K Sony sensor

⚫ Auto-framing

⚫ 5x e-PTZ

⚫ Universal stand

⚫ Magnetic attraction

⚫ Built-in privacy cover All-in-one screen share video conference solution Designed for small&medium meeting rooms up to 20m², it consists of an unique speakerphone MS10 that supports wireless screencasting, a receiver RC10, and a USB camera CM70. CA400 achieves far-field voice pickup, delivering HD crystal sound. Participants can also wirelessly cast at 4K and extend to FHD camera.

Specifications Tell:+86-xxx-xxxxxxx Ext:xxx/xxxx Fax:+86-xxx-xxxx Computer USB Type-C Specification Table Certification Tel: +86-755-2640-2199 E-mail: Web: Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd.

⚫ USB Cammera: TYPE C x1

⚫ Speakerphone: Type C PD + DP ALT

⚫ Receiver: HDMI X1; TYPE C PD; USB A 3.0x1 Operating System

⚫ Win 10/11; Mac 10.8 and Later Product Dimensions

⚫ USB Camera:80x75x53mm/3.15x 2.95x 2.09"

⚫ Speakerphone:180 x 81 x 32mm / 7.09 x 3.19 X 1.26"

⚫ Receiver:102x45x20mm/4.02x1.77x0.79" Product weight

⚫ USB Camera: 210g/7.4oz

⚫ Speakerphone:385g/13.58oz

⚫ Receiver: 70g/247oz Working temperature and humidity

⚫ Working temperature: 0℃~40℃

⚫ Working humidity: 10%~90%RH

⚫ Built-in: 8 MEMS Microphones for 360° pickup

⚫ Pick-up Range: 4M

⚫ Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR): 64.5dB(A)

⚫ Sensitivity: -26dBFS@1kHz(0dB=1V/Pa)

⚫ Acoustic Overload Point: 119dB SPL <10%@1kHz

⚫ Frequency: 20Hz-10KHz

⚫ Duplex

⚫ Beamforming

⚫ Automatic Noise Suppression

⚫ Acoustic Echo Cancellation

⚫ Automatic Gain Control Speaker

⚫ Speaker: 4Ω 3W

⚫ Speaker Size: 50mm

⚫ Sensitivity: 1KHz 85 dB ± 3dB @1m, 3W

⚫ Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) : 50dB

⚫ Frequency Range: 200Hz- 10KHz MAX 5%

⚫ Max. Sound Pressure Level: 85dB SPL@1m @3W

⚫ Background Noise: <30dB

⚫ Total harmonic Distortion: 200Hz-10KHz MAX 5% MS10 RC10 WI-FI

⚫ Protocol: 802.11 a/n/ac

⚫ Wireless Transmission Protocol: Quick UDP Internet Connections

⚫ Transmission Distance: Up to 10M

⚫ Frequency bands and the maximum transmitted power (For EU) : 5180-5320MHz (Wi-Fi 5GHz), Max 20dBm 5500-5700MHz (Wi-Fi 5GHz), Max 20dBm Camera Streaming

⚫ Max. Output Resolution: 1920x1080 @30FPS

⚫ Support Camera Type: UVC camera

⚫ Format Supported: H.264 Physical character: Magnetic attraction Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish

CM70 USB Camera

⚫ Sensor Type: IMX 415(1/2.8") 3840*2160

⚫ Output Resolution: MJPEG/ H264/ H265 /YUV / NV12 30P (YUV and NV12 don‘t support 4K and 2K resolutions) 3840*2160/2560*1440/1920*1080/1280*720/1024*576/9 60*540/800*448 640*360/ 320*180/960*720/ 800*600/ 640*480/ 480*270/ 3 52*288/ 320*240

⚫ FOV: DFOV 118.5°/HFOV 109.9°/VFOV 74.6°

⚫ Auto Framing: Auto

⚫ F/No: F2.5

⚫ Zooming:5x digital zoom

⚫ Maximum Resolution: USB3.0:3840*2160 p30/ USB2.0:1920*1080 p30

⚫ Security Protection: Manual Privacy Cover Microphone

⚫ Microphone Type: 2 Electret Microphones

⚫ Pick-up Range: 4m

⚫ Signal to Noise Ratio: 94dB SPL@ 1KHz 65dB(A)

⚫ Microphone Sensitivity: 94dB SPL@ 1KHz - 30± 2dB FS

⚫ Duplex

⚫ Automatic Noise Suppression

⚫ Automatic Gain Control Physical character: Magnetic attraction Package Tel: +86-755-2640-2199 E-mail: Web: Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd.

⚫ USB Camera:CM70

⚫ Speakerphone:MS10

⚫ Receiver:RC10

⚫ Remote Control

⚫ Power adapter:5V/2A

⚫ 1.5m HDMI Cable.

⚫ USB-C to HDMI & USB-A/C Adapter

⚫ USB 3.0 Extension Cable

⚫ Type C-A USB Cable

⚫ Quick start guide

⚫ Gift box dimension: 242*184*108.5mm

⚫ Outer CTN dimension: 563*257*401mm(10PCS)

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